Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need My Song Mixed & Mastered?

The answer is always yes. As a creative you pour your blood, sweat and tears into the creation of your music. Mixing engineer's such as myself take your recorded song and polish your ideas, enhance your emotions and find ways to bring your vision to the finish line. Not to mention if you want to compete with what's on streaming/radio etc. you're going to want to treat your career just as a major label artist would. That means making sure every song you release is the best it can possibly be; conceptually and sonically.

What is A Production Mix?

The Production Mix package is exclusive for producers. As a producer you only get one chance to make a first impression and if you're beats are not properly leveled and mixed you're going to have a hard time winning over artists. Most artist's will play a beat for about 10 seconds before they make their judgement. Getting your beat/instrumental properly mixed is one of the easiest ways to make your production stand out. Whether you are leasing your beats online or pitching them in studio sessions quality is key. I also provide the tracked out mixed stems for your convenience. This is another product you can lease/sell and when the song is ready to be mixed the artist is going to want the mixed version of the production stems.

What Is A 2-Track Mix?

The 2-Track Mix package is for artists that only have the .mp3/.wav/.aiff stereo beat/instrumental. If your vocals are individually stemmed out on seperate tracks (ex. hook lead, hook bg L, hook bg R etc.) but the beat is just one stereo file this is the package for you.

What Is A Track Out Mix?

The Track Out Mix package is for artists that have the entire beat/instrumental fully stemmed out (ex. kick, snare, bass, piano, guitar etc.) all on a separate track. This gives me as a mixer full control of every element in the song. It also allows for me to mix the production to compliment your vocals. It gives you as a creator the ability to resequence the production as well for example If you want to drop out the drums at a certain section we can do that. If you want to move the guitar loop from the bridge and add it to the second verse we can do that. The track out opiton will provide you with the ultimate control over your mix.

Is Mastering Included?

Yes. Every package includes mastering. If I know I'm the last person that will be touching the song before it is released I will be sure to provide you with a final mixed and mastered version. I work the mastering into my mixing process so every version of the mix I send you will have the final master processing included. That being said, if you prefer to have your own mastering engineer master the song I will provide a version with headroom for the mastering engineer to do their job.

How Do I Send My Song For Mixing & Mastering?

Please refer to the Send Files page for detailed instructions on how to properly send your session/stems for mixing and mastering.