Mind Your Business - Artist Edition

Mind Your Business is a digital organizer created by Grammy Award winning audio engineer Dacota G. Fresilli. This organizer was designed to help creatives efficiently and effectively keep track of all business related activities. Dacota has taken his deacde of experience as a freelance audio engineer and created the ultimate business organizer. This product is designed to suit the bedroom rockstar (just starting out) as well as the seasoned vet with millions of streams. 


What's included:

This one of a kind digital organizer tracks

  • Income (royalties, performances, features etc.)
    • Includes formulas that seamlessly keep track of your gross, fee's, tax savings and net
  • Expenses (studio time, equipment, video shoots and much more)
    • Includes formulas that seamlessly keep track of your total expenses
  • Inventory (log your demos, releases, performances and more)
  • Step by step video walk through narrarated by Dacota G. to get you up and running!


This product comes in .xlsx format (excel) and can easily be uploaded to Google Sheets (free) for all non microsoft office users. All of this is shown step by step in the video walk through.

Mind Your Business - Artist Edition

  • We have a no refund policy on this organizer because it's a digital product.