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My Guide to Recording Vocals

This is a topic that is opinion based so what you are about to read is strictly my opinion. After recording for years I learned that it's always best to get more than you need in the recording process. The reason for that is because it's more work to go back and record something than it is to sort through additional vocal takes you did during the original session. Another big factor into this is the energy. If you're not in the same space mentally giving that same emotion and conviction as you did in the original session might be hard to replicate (this is the case 9 times out of 10). Below you will read my step by step guide to recording vocals. Feel free to manipulate it to better suite you but the ideology is the same.

The order that you record in is totally up to you and it is going to change on a per song basis. In the end you should be able to account for all or most of the takes listed below.

All Verse Vocals

Verse Lead

Verse Dub/Background Left (in and outs/rhyme phrases)

Verse Dub/Background Right (in and outs/rhyme phrases)

Verse Adlibs (optional)

All Hook/Pre Hook/Bridge Vocals

Hook Lead

Hook Lead Left (entire stack of the hook lead)

Hook Lead Right (entire stack of the hook lead)

Hook Dub/Background Left (in and outs/rhyme phrases)

Hook Dub/Background Right (in and outs/rhyme phrases)

Hook Adlibs (optional)

Harmonies (optional)

Main Note Left

Main Note Right

Low Harmony Note Left

Low Harmony Note Right

High Harmony Note Left

High Harmony Note Right

Every song is different based on format/genre etc. but It's always better to have more options to sort through instead of going back and having to record additional takes.

Thanks for reading.

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