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My 5 Home Recording Tips

1. This one might sound some what cliche but it's important, maximize the equipment you have. Maximize the equipment you already have (there's nothing wrong with your Bluebird mic and your Focusrite Scarlett). There's always going to be "bigger and better" microphones, speakers, midi controllers etc. but until you have mastered the gear you currently have don't fall for the trap.

2. Treat your room. Instead of going and buying a better microphone that in reality won't solve the problem that you have an open room with lots of reflections spend that budget on acoustic foam. If acoustically treating your room is a financial burden pick up the Kaotica Eyeball to help isolate your vocal from the sound of your room. Also be sure to take care of your first reflections and do what you can to fill the room. The more furniture (couch, futon, carpet, blankets etc.) you have in the room the more sound will be absorbed.

3. Get away from the mentality that we'll "fix it in the mix." The performance of your song is crucial, majority of the emotion and energy is captured in the recording process. You're at home, take your time to deliver the best performance you can.

4. Learn how to properly gain stage. When you begin your recording session make sure that you do a few mic checks to properly set the input gain level on your audio interface. Avoid distortion or recording too soft by constantly checking your levels. If you are recording a more aggressive section or energetic adlibs be sure to adjust your gain level ahead of time. If you are recording a soft more melodic section be sure to adjust your gain accordingly. This step might be the most overlooked one I see as a mix engineer. Educate yourself, gain staging is your secret weapon.

5. Vibe. It doesn't cost much to get some LED lights and lava lamps to give your studio a more relaxing environment. As a creative you want to make your creative space as comfortable as possible. I can't stress this enough.

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